Envelopes for parcels LDPE sealed 340 x 420mm+50mm dia. purple 100 pcs..

0.21 € with VAT
0.17 € without VAT

Sealed, courier, plastic envelopes for shipments

340x420mm+50mm internal measurements

Material: Polyethylene (LDPE);
Color: Purple
With adhesive tape;
Specified measurements - length and width in mm;
Quantity in the package: 100 pcs.
The indicated price is for 1 piece.

The product in the photo and in reality may differ

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Sealable plastic envelopes for parcels are the most convenient and economical solution for packing parcels.

Packages are not damaged by external contacts, once the envelope is sealed, it is no longer possible to open it without damaging the package. The variety of envelope sizes allows you to choose the most convenient envelope size for you.


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