Honeycomb Kraft wrapping paper

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Honeycomb Kraft Packaging Paper:

Super stretchy and can hold a variety of shapes

Representative appearance of the packaged product

Rolled up to save space

Less material is used

0 plastic, biodegradable packaging

we have 2 sizes: 50 or 40 cm wide

Rulono matmenys : plotis 50 cm, ilgis 25 m
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Honeycomb wrapping paper is made from kraft brown paper and is therefore 100% recyclable. It is a novelty in the market of parcel packaging and volume filler products and an ecological alternative to bubble wrap or other plastic packaging materials. During the tensioning of the paper, a mesh of honeycomb structure is formed, which protects the products or objects during transportation. Honeycomb packaging paper is used in the production of various items and glass, ceramics, which need to be safely packed for transportation.

It is not only environmentally friendly, but also an elegant protection for sending items. The unique production technology ensures higher packaging efficiency. After folding the edges of the paper, the honeycombs stick to each other and lock, so there is no need to use adhesive tape for packaging, the packaging process is simplified and time is saved. The actual length of the paper when stretched is 50% longer. We can pack about 15% more than with normal wrapping paper.

Honeycomb packaging paper does not create dust, does not increase the weight of packages and shipments, is economical and easy to use.


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