Adhesive tape holder tesa® 6012

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Adhesive tape holder tesa® 6012

Apparatus for single-sided adhesive tape up to 50 mm wide.

Max. tape roll diameter: 145mm

Dimensions: Length: 175mm Width: 67mm Height: 130mm

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tesa® 6012 Tape Dispenser


The tesa® 6012 is a universal tape dispenser designed for various packaging needs in production and warehouse environments. This dispenser is suitable for single-sided adhesive tape up to 50 mm wide and can accommodate tape rolls with a maximum diameter of 145 mm. The dispenser allows convenient use and cutting of adhesive tape, ensuring efficient and reliable packaging processes.


  • Tape Width: Suitable for tapes up to 50 mm wide
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 145 mm
  • Core Diameter: 76 mm
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 175 mm
    • Width: 67 mm
    • Height: 130 mm


  • Versatility: Can hold one wide or two narrow tape rolls simultaneously, allowing the use of different widths or colors of tape.
  • Efficiency: Ensures quick and convenient tape dispensing and cutting using serrated blades.
  • Sturdiness: Can be securely attached to a packing table using the included clamp or screws (four pre-drilled holes are provided).
  • Convenience: Ergonomic design ensures easy and comfortable use in everyday packaging operations.
  • Multiple Applications: Suitable for packing small parcels or wrapping packing paper.


  • Production: Used in various production areas where reliable and efficient packaging solutions are needed.
  • Warehouses: Ideal for use in warehouses where quick and reliable packing of goods is required.
  • Logistics: Used in logistics centers, ensuring safe transport of goods.
  • Offices: Suitable for office environments where convenient and efficient packaging tools are needed.

Main Application Areas:

  • Attachment: Securely attaches to a packing table using the included clamp or screws (four pre-drilled holes provided).
  • Cutting: The tape is dispensed and cut using serrated blades, ensuring precise and neat cuts.
  • Dual Use: Allows the use of two tesa® tapes simultaneously, for example, different widths or colors, increasing efficiency and versatility.

Choose the tesa® 6012 tape dispenser to ensure efficient and reliable packaging processes in your production, warehouse, or office.


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