Ilga trapecinė dėžė siuntoms CP070

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ColomPac® CP 070 Packaging Solutions

Color: : Brown
Pailgos dėžės su lipnia juosta Colompak : Ilga, trapecinė dėžė siuntoms CP070, 1005x105/55x75mm
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ColomPac® CP 070.02 - Trapezoidal Shipping Tube


The ColomPac® CP 070.02 trapezoidal shipping tube is designed for the secure shipping of rolled goods such as posters, plans, doormats, and more. Its strong form and high-quality materials ensure maximum stability and protection during transit. This shipping tube is made from double-wall corrugated cardboard, providing durability and rigidity.


  1. Strong in Form and Material: Designed with a trapezoidal shape for enhanced strength and stability.
  2. Secure Shipping: Ideal for rolled goods such as posters, plans, and doormats.
  3. Maximum Stability: Constructed from double-wall corrugated cardboard for extra durability.
  4. Practical Labeling Areas: Includes areas designated for labels, ensuring easy identification and handling.
  5. Reinforced Edges and Corners: Continuous reinforced edges and corners provide additional protection during shipping.


  • Durability: The double-wall construction and trapezoidal shape provide exceptional protection against crushing and bending.
  • Convenience: Integrated labeling areas make it easy to mark and identify shipments.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recyclable materials, supporting sustainable packaging practices.
  • Efficiency: The design allows for easy stacking and space-saving during storage and transport.


  • Posters and Plans: Ideal for safely shipping rolled documents and blueprints.
  • Doormats and Artwork: Perfect for transporting various flat, delicate items that require protection.

Choose the ColomPac® CP 070.02 trapezoidal shipping tube for secure, efficient, and eco-friendly shipping solutions.


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