We produce packaging materials for various fields:
  • Polyethylene film for packaging
  • Garbage bags
  • Capsules for flowers
  • Adhesive tape with logo

Wholesale and Export

All products in our product catalogue are for sale / export. We export to the European Union countries.

The products we sell are manufactured by our company according to our orders, or can be manufactured in the EU and other countries.

Retail and E-shop

Since 2019 we opened our online store. From now on more customers have an opportunity to see our product list and purchase items online. If you do not find your needed item please feel free to contact us!

Ailena, JSC is a modern and vibrant company offering packaging materials, solutions and consulting to their clients. Over time we have managed to increase the number of implemented orders not only by selling but also by manufacturing products.

Our smooth activity and growing experience in packaging materials manufacturing let us to purchase quality equipment that is necessary to produce our materials faster and also to improve the quality. We always follow the latest trends of packing materials and always looking for more production possibilities.

We always try to improve communication with our customers, localy and globaly. Our sales team are fast orientated to give quick and clear answers to our clients. Also, we usualy take opportunities to participate in local and abroad exhibitions to show who we are and what we do.

We have chosen low density polyethylene (LDPE) granules as raw material for processing and production. As our main production is recycled LDPE film we take care of global warming and trying to be eco-friendly. Currently we produce three types of products using recycled LDPE: polyethylene packaging film (polythene), capsules for flowers and garbage bags. What is more, we also produce LDPE from virgin raw material as there are business fields that needs virgin (primary) LDPE film. We produce a promotional adhesive logo tape with custom logo using another production materials – two axes oriented polypropylene (PP) and paper (KRAFT). The tape with a logo is designed to protect the package against unauthorized opening. Also it is an important part of our customers image and marketing. The tape is coated with a mixture of glues and is quite resistant to cold, so you can pack up and store containers in a dusty or humid environment and its adhesive properties will not be lost.

By expanding the company’s activities we strive to become active participants of packaging materials market not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. With this vision in our work we are exporting packing materials to all over Europe for some time already reaching even further locations and more fastidious customers. Please note, that if you would like to receive wholesale offer you need to contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

We are flexible company and our job filosofy is customer focused that leads us to successful customer relations. In order to strengthen the loyalty of our customers we constantly improve the quality, new products and regularly visit our customers.


The "Gazelle" brand is considered a symbol of a successful and transparent company. In Lithuania, these elections have been organized by the publication "Verslo zinios" since 2003 together with the State Tax Inspectorate, the competition partner. The "Gazelle" Award is given for the company's rapid growth, flexibility and profitability. The business news project "Gazelle" evaluates the data of the last four years. An important criterion when evaluating companies is transparency and openness: consent to disclose financial results. The team of UAB Ailena is proud to have received the "Gazelle" Awards in 2015. and 2019.

  • 2015 Ailena is recognized as one of the most successful and fastest growing Lithuanian companies.
  • 2019 Ailena is recognized as one of the most successful and fastest growing Lithuanian companies.