Cardboard box set 452x345x80 mm FB LAP17

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Packaging consisting of a durable outer box and an insert with a special flexible foil. This connection ensures the protection of the shipment against mechanical damage. The box is designed to ship 15-inch laptops. The foil placed in the package ensures that the contents of the package are stable and in one position during transportation. Fixbox Laptop consists of 2 parts: 1 part liner: strong liner with foil, special foil with exceptional flexibility and durability, strong cardboard - KRAFT, ideal packaging for sending electronics: laptops, spare parts. Strong outer box. The advantage of this solution is the aesthetic appearance of the packaged product and its versatility (the packaging adapts to the packaged product). Another advantage is low storage costs in the warehouse due to the small size.

* Boxes are sold unfolded.

* The appearance of the actual product may differ from the image.


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