Packing table with tilting table top 60x60cm

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Packing table with tilting table top

Tilt the table top and adjust the table to the appropriate height. Packing goods in boxes will be much more efficient and convenient. Speed ​​up the packing of each shipment.

Pakavimo stalas su pakreipiamu stalviršiu RedSteel AilenaHeight-adjustable table top

Adjusting the tilt angle of the worktop is an extremely useful feature. Packing products in a box is much more efficient and convenient. The box is tilted towards the packer, thus giving it more working freedom and easier access to the bottom of the box. In addition, the top of the table has an edge that prevents the cardboard from slipping.

Pakavimo stalas su reguliuojamu stalviršiu Redsteel Ailena Adjustable table height

The table has a very wide range of table height adjustment. Thanks to it, you will be able to adapt the table to the packaging of both large cardboard boxes (then set the upper part as low as possible) and smaller ones (the upper part - as high as possible). Regardless of the cardboard boxes used, the table will be adjusted so that the position of the packer is as ergonomic and favorable as possible to speed up the work.

Pakavimo stalas su pakreipiamu stalviršiu Redsteel AilenaStable construction

We use high-quality steel for production and join it in the welding process. We always use only minimal screw connections to keep the construction stable and reliable. In addition, the top is made of 3 mm thick aluminum sheet. Compared to all types of wooden countertops, it does not wear in a way that would be dangerous to people working nearby.


  • Load: 100 kg
  • Table top height adjustment: from 58 cm to 93 cm
  • Table top tilt height: 0-35 cm
  • Tilt method: Manual, gradual
  • Construction: Steel, Table top: Aluminum 3 mm
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Steel + aluminum
Table with tilting top

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