Rotary packing table (semi-automatic)

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Modular rotary packing table

Packing packages with elastic film takes a lot of time and is usually a rather awkward exercise. To facilitate this process, we have developed a special packing table mechanism, which will speed up film packaging several times and significantly reduce the workload of employees. With this packing table mechanism, simply place the item you want to pack on the rotating table top and wrap it in film.

Rotacinis stalas RedSteel Ailena

Rotating, non-slip worktop

One of the most important elements of the packaging process is the tabletop. We made it from steel to ensure durability and practicality. Attached to the structure with a special bracket, using two bearings, rotating the top of the table ensures even wrapping of the packaging film, it does not stretch. The table has a special non-slip surface.

Rotacinis stalas RedSteelReducing the cost of packaging materials

Smooth adjustment of the tension of the packaging film is one of the key elements that determine the aesthetic appearance of the packaged batch and the cost of the packaging film. Properly selected tension level allows you to use several times less film. It is enough to press the film roll more firmly or freely with the handle provided.

Rotacinis modulinis pakavimo stalas redsteel

Height adjustment

The table packing mechanism is perfect for both small and large cardboard boxes. All this thanks to the adjustable height of the elastic film suspension. A handle is used for this, which is also a lock. All you need to do is gently turn the handle to the left, then set the desired height and turn it clockwise. The tension of the film will be fixed at the selected height.

Rotacinis modulinis pakavimo stalas redsteel

Sturdy boxes

This wrapping machine uses an innovative locking system to prevent the cardboard from slipping. These are two pins, the distance of which is smoothly adjusted according to special guides and adapts to the size of the box. It is a very simple and fast process. Without them, packing small and light boxes would be extremely inconvenient - stretched film would make them slip. The lock can be easily removed if you pack large and heavy boxes.

Rotacinis modulinis pakavimo stalas redsteelTable height adjustment

To make the packing process even more convenient and efficient, you can adjust the height of the table to your needs. The minimum height of the rotating table top is 70 cm and the maximum is 85 cm, adjustable by 5 cm.

Modulinis pakavimo rotacinis stalas redsteel

Robust, welded construction

The steel welded construction ensures the stability and reliability without the use of twisted joints. It is an extremely strong construction, thanks to which the maximum weight of the packaged package can be up to 75 kg.


  • Maximum load: 75 kg
  • Table top height adjustment: from 70cm to 85cm
  • Table top rotation method: Manual
  • Construction and table top material: Steel
  • Bearings used: Yes, 2 pcs.
  • Height-adjustable packing film holder: Yes
  • Cardboard sliding block: Yes
  • Packaging film tension adjustment: Yes
  • Countertop with non-slip base: Yes
  • Power: 230 V
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Rotating table

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