Lipnūs vokai C5 225mmx165mm vid. DOKUMENTAI ČIA 100 vnt/pakuotėje

35.44 € with VAT
29.29 € without VAT
Pasirink voko matmenis ir kiekį: : 160x110mm C6, 1000 vnt pakuotėje (be užrašo)
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Adhesive envelopes for documents:

Envelopes are made of 30 micron thick PE film.

Loading the document from the wide side.

They are easy to glue, they hold firmly.

Can be glued on various packages, for example: cardboard boxes, stretch film and the like.

Protects against dirt and moisture.

The specified dimensions of the envelope: width mm x height mm.

Adhesive envelopes for cargo documents:

Adhesive envelopes for cargo documents are a great tool to help you not lose the documents accompanying the cargo during transportation. There is a protective paper stuck to the sticky side of the envelope, which you can remove in a moment and it takes a few seconds to stick the envelope.

In this way, all the documents remain attached to the pallet, package or box, throughout the transportation of the cargo and reach the consignee together with the cargo. As needed, transparent envelopes or envelopes with additional information labels that indicate what documents are in the envelope can be used.


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