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Moss/Green Tissue Paper, 500x750 mm, 240 Sheets/Pack

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Moss/Green Tissue Paper, 500x750 mm, 240 Sheets/Pack


Our moss/green tissue paper is an excellent choice for luxurious and natural packaging. This tissue paper provides a distinguished appearance and extra protection for your products. It is ideal for gift wrapping, clothing, accessories, and other delicate items. Each pack contains 240 sheets, measuring 500x750 mm.


  • Size: 500x750 mm, providing ample space for various packaging needs.
  • Color: Moss/green, offering a natural and elegant look.
  • Quantity per pack: 240 sheets, ensuring a long-lasting supply.
  • Material: High-quality tissue paper, ensuring product protection and an aesthetic look.


  • Aesthetics: The moss/green color provides a natural and elegant appearance suitable for various occasions and products.
  • Protection: Tissue paper offers additional protection for delicate and fragile items.
  • Versatility: Suitable for gift wrapping, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other products.
  • Quality: High-quality material ensures the paper is soft yet durable for packaging.


  • Gift Wrapping: Ideal for gift wrapping, providing a natural and distinctive appearance.
  • Clothing Stores: Suitable for packaging clothing and accessories, ensuring their protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Crafts: Perfect for packaging and decorating handmade items.
  • Jewelry Stores: Used for packaging jewelry and other fragile items, providing extra protection and attractiveness.

Choose our moss/green tissue paper to ensure elegant and high-quality packaging for your products.


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