Modular trolley 140x30cm

308.53 € with VAT
254.98 € without VAT
Production: up to 30 d.
Trolley accessories: : Main frame with wheels and compartments 157,06 €
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Modular trolley

Modulinis vežimėlis redsteel Ailena

Steel, welded construction

Steel, welded construction with minimal screw connections ensures product quality and durability. Our priority is for the product to serve you for many years, continuously and to have a positive impact on your company's packaging process in every way possible.

Modulinis vežimėlis RedSteel Ailena

Possibility to make a set

It is a stroller with options for customizing accessories to make them as functional and useful as possible. As a result, no matter what packaging materials you use or what size you are, you will always be able to transport them comfortably.

Modularity is one of the most important features of the wheelchair. The basic version (frame) can be expanded with several elements below. All this to make the shelf adapt to you, your packaging method or the materials used.

Modulinio vežimėlio rankena RedSteel AilenaTrolley handle

If you are going to transport boxes and envelopes frequently from one point to another, this attachment will definitely make this task easier.


Height: 95 cm
Mounting: Screw-on
Material: Steel

Modulinis vežimėlis redsteel ailenaTrolley shelf with compartments

If you use smaller cardboard boxes or envelopes for packaging, they may fall through the unfilled base of the trolley. To avoid this, a filling shelf would be required.


Material: Aluminum

Shelf compartment partitions

If you use really small cardboard boxes or envelopes, this is a really good choice. Enclosed compartments with shelves will prevent even the smallest packages from falling out.


Material: Aluminum

Additional trolley top frame

If you use a lot of boxes, envelopes, or have many types of them, it will be easier for you to handle them with more space. 


Mounting: Screw-on

Material: Steel


Data sheet

Steel + aluminum

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