Duct tape with print

We produce advertising on adhesive packaging tape. This bar is a great tool to provide information about a company or brand. Adhesive tape with printing is suitable for protecting the packaged goods, informs about the priority of the goods, can describe the contents of the package. Products marked with this band stand out from the range of other products and increase awareness.

Flexoform is free, production deadline is 14 days.

Material, adhesive tape pcs. price in EUR (without VAT) measurements 48mmx60m

minimalus užsakomas kiekis 540 vnt.

                                   1 Spalva 4.98 €                                    
                                   2 spalvos5.09 €                                     
                                   3 spalvos5.29 €

  • Advertising can be printed on traditional adhesive tape made of polypropylene, as well as on extra-strong PVC tape or paper-based tape. When the basis changes, so do the production costs.
  • Most of the time, the adhesive tape is made 48mm wide and rolled into rolls of 60m, while paper tape with printing is usually made 48mm wide and rolled into rolls of 50m, but if needed, the adhesive tape can be made on a narrower or wider base, and rolled into a longer one. roll e.g. after 120m or more.
  • The color of the adhesive tape can be white, transparent or brown, but according to the customer's needs, the tape can be painted in another color, which increases the price of a standard roll by +0.06€ (without VAT).
  • The minimum production quantity is 540.
  •   Production requires: .cdr file
  • Layout work is free for up to 3 different layouts. Our specialists will make a mock-up and send you a mock-up created according to your wishes, for its approval.
  • Production time is usually 3-4 weeks. It starts counting from the moment the final layout of the adhesive tape is approved and the order is paid for.
  •   What is Flexoform - a rubber press form made according to the provided press model. With the help of it and paint, the adhesive tape is painted. Each color requires a separate flexo form, i.e. if the print on the tape is in 2 colors, 2 flexo forms will be needed to produce it.
  • Flexoform production prices are €25 (without VAT) for one flexoform. This fee is one-time, and in future production of the same adhesive tape, you will not have to pay extra, because the same flexoform will be used in production.

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