Hot melt adhesive tape 48mmx900m

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Adhesive Tape with Hot Melt Adhesive, 48mm x 900m

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Adhesive Tape with Hot Melt Adhesive, 48mm x 900m


Our adhesive tape with hot melt adhesive is a high-quality and durable solution for various industrial and household packaging needs. This tape features strong adhesion and durability, making it ideal for both manual and automatic packing. With its long length, this tape is especially suitable for industrial environments where frequent and extensive packaging is required.


  • Width: 48 mm
  • Length: 900 m
  • Material: High-quality polypropylene (PP) film
  • Adhesive: Hot melt adhesive, ensuring strong and reliable bonding
  • Color: Clear or brown (depending on choice)


  • Strong Adhesion: Hot melt adhesive provides strong bonding to various surfaces, ensuring reliable box and parcel sealing.
  • Durability: The tape is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and temperature changes, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Long Length: 900 meters of tape reduces the frequency of changes, ensuring efficient operation and saving time.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces and packaging needs, perfect for industrial and household use.


  • Shipping Packaging: Ideal for packaging large quantities of boxes and parcels, ensuring their safety during transportation.
  • Storage: Perfect for use in warehouses where strong and reliable packaging is needed.
  • Automatic Packing Machines: Especially suitable for use with automatic packing machines, ensuring continuous and efficient packing processes.
  • Household Use: Suitable for everyday packaging needs at home, such as storing or moving items.

Choose our adhesive tape with hot melt adhesive to ensure strong, reliable, and durable packaging for your products.


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