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tesa® 6300 Tape Dispenser


The tesa® 6300 tape dispenser is designed for safe, clean, and convenient sealing of packages of various sizes. This ergonomically shaped packing tape holder ensures optimal packing results and ease of use. The adhesive tape roll unwinds smoothly, while the sturdy metal frame and additional safety features ensure durability and user safety.


  • Frame: Sturdy metal, ensuring longevity
  • Handle: Ergonomically shaped for comfortable grip and use
  • Cutter Blade: With safety cover to prevent injuries
  • Adjustable Tension: Allows easy control of tape tension
  • Tape Roll Width: Suitable for tapes up to 50 mm wide


  • Comfort: Ergonomic design ensures comfortable and easy use, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Safety: Cutter blade with safety cover prevents accidental injuries.
  • Efficiency: Adjustable tape tension allows precise control of tape application, ensuring clean and neat packaging.
  • Durability: Metal frame ensures the tool's longevity and reliability in various working conditions.
  • Ease of Use: The adhesive tape roll unwinds smoothly, ensuring quick and efficient work.


  • Warehouses and Logistics: Ideal for use in warehouses and logistics centers where quick and reliable packing of goods is required.
  • Industry: Used in industrial environments where firm and quick packing of various products is necessary.
  • Transportation: Ensures safe transportation of goods, helping to prevent movement and damage during transit.
  • Offices and Households: Suitable for office and home use when convenient and quick packing of items is needed.

Choose the tesa® 6300 tape dispenser to ensure safe, clean, and convenient packing processes in your work environment.


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