Deluxe kraft paper chips 4 mm, brown color, 1kg

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Delux Kraft Paper Shreds, 4mm, Brown, 1kg

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Delux Kraft Paper Shreds, 4mm, Brown, 1kg


Our Delux brown kraft paper shreds are high-quality packaging material designed to give your products a natural and aesthetic appearance along with extra protection. Made from 100% recyclable kraft paper, these shreds are naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly. The thin 4mm wide strips ensure an elegant look and efficient volume filling. Each pack weighs 1kg, making it an economical choice for medium to large packaging needs.


  • Color: Brown, offering a natural and eco-friendly appearance.
  • Width: 4mm, ensuring a sleek and tidy look.
  • Weight: 1kg per pack.
  • Material: 100% recyclable kraft paper, naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Volume Filling: Effectively fills empty spaces in packages, providing additional protection during transport.


  • Eco-friendly: Made from 100% recyclable kraft paper, the shreds are naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Protection: Provides extra protection for fragile and sensitive items during transportation, protecting them from shocks and vibrations.
  • Aesthetics: Brown color offers a natural and aesthetic appearance, perfect for gift packaging and retail items.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various packaging needs, from gifts to industrial products.


  • Gift Wrapping: Ideal for gift wrapping, providing a natural and distinctive appearance.
  • Transportation: Perfect for protecting fragile items during transportation, ensuring their safety.
  • Decorations: Used as a decorative element in craft and art projects, as well as in store displays.
  • Retail Stores: Suitable for use in stores to quickly and attractively decorate products for sale.

Choose our Delux brown kraft paper shreds to ensure the protection and aesthetic appearance of your products.


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