Deluxe colored paper chips 4 mm, pink color, 1kg

14.52 € with VAT
12.00 € without VAT

made of shredded 60g paper
blade width 4 mm
the suggested quantity is 1 kg
biodegradable and eco-friendly
very elastic
dust free formula

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ZigZag Delux parcel filler pink 4mm
Advantages of using ZigZag Delux filler

Tightly twisted and elastic ZigZag Delux paper chips perfectly fill the space of the box, while ensuring even better protection of the packaged products during transportation.

The dust-free formula ensures aesthetics and ease of packaging.

They present beautifully and emphasize the quality of the packaged products.

ZigZag Delux parcel filler is a dust-free paper chip of perfect elasticity. Short springs ensure quick and accurate assembly. They adapt to the shape of the product, providing even better protection.


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