Pneumatic cardboard stapling tool F53PN

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Pneumatic cardboard stapling tool F53PN

Dimensions: 920 x 750 x 1350 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Depth: 60 mm

Staple length: 9-12 m

Leg length: 920 mm

Anvil height: 860 mm

Capacity: 312 staples

Maximum pressure: 7 bar

Lubrication: Yes

Made in Sweden, this F PN type pneumatic industrial stapler designed for JK53 staples turns stapling of e.g. flaps, corners and edges into a highly efficient process. It is also well-suited for other industrial staples of different materials such as textiles, leather, etc.

Compared to JK560 and JK561 staples, stapling will be less visible with JK53 staples. The industrial stapler is spacious, ergonomic and has a large loading capacity. Industrial stapler F53PN is suitable for continuous use in packaging departments and in industry.

Suitable staples:

JK560 35x15mm JK560 35x18mm JK560 35x22mm JK561 32x18mm


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