Pneumatic staple gun JK20T777L

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Pneumatic staple gun JK20T777L

Dimensions: 375 x 68 x 250 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Depth: 22 mm

Staple length: 10 -16 mm

Anvil: 14 mm

Leg length: 375 mm

Capacity: 100 staples

Maximum pressure: 7 bar

Lubrication: Yes

Plier stapler JK20T777L is a Swedish-manufactured, heavy-duty plier stapler for professional users.
Characteristic for this tool is its quiet, rapid stapling, low weight and good balance. The design of the anvil allows the material to be handled with care.

The tool is primarily intended for stapling of packaging such as packages, punch-cut inserts, bags, sheets, sacks and various types of fabric, but is also ideal for such applications as industrial stapling and the joining of different materials.

Suitable staples:

JK779 12,5x16mm


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